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Mail and adress info

In Ireland, Mallow, Co. Cork,:

Angelique van Someren, certified trainer The Roedel Method

Active K9 offers a professional Dog Walking and Training service to the Mallow area.
We work with the Roedel Method®, based on the process of social learning and supported by science.
Learn how to train your dog through natural learning processes, understandable and recognisable to your dog, without the use of food rewards.

All dogs are welcome, regardless of breed, temperament, age and size!

Phone 087 7736097
Address: Kennel Lodge, upper bearforest, Mallow, Co. Cork

Alternatively please use our contact page Contact us

Hondenopvoedingsinstituut De Roedel
Rott 46
6294 NM Vijlen
Tel: 00316-25312531

Consult by telephone, free of charge:

Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 10.00 – 11.00

Wednesday and Thursday from 17.00 – 18.00 only on appointment
Also reachable by , only on appointment

Telephone or Skype consult outside consultation-hours; 9,50 euro per consult.

NL20 KNAB 0255 8126 98 T.n.v. TopDog

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The Roedel Method has gained meaning because The Roedel Method inseparably is connected to the method developed by the Dog Education Institute De Roedel and to no other used methods.

De Roedelmethode in The Netherlands

De Roedelmethode in Belgium

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